2 months in and nothing to write home about?! No chance! 

Poppets, lovelies and dear ones,

Here I was thinking the last week of March was a complete wash out. I was completely without voice for two days (which anyone who’s ever met me will know was complete torture! You think I write a lot- it’s nothing compared to the amount I talk!), so sensibly rested up for most of it but was climbing the walls wanting to get back to my work. I managed a few studio hours towards the end of the week, and it was also time for goodbyes to the months residents. 

Thinking it would just be a quiet weekend, everything turned around on Friday morning when, feeling better, I was offered a lift to Reykjavik and I decided to say yes! And after a 10 hour car journey yesterday (01.04.16) this is where I find myself. The journey was incredible and here’s a tiny sneak peak at a few highlights- and I will write a bumper huge edition upon my return east, where I will be joined by my partner in crime- my Mum! There may be a few delays with all that’s going on. But I endeavour to catch up when things settle into more of a regular pattern again. 

I have written this on my phone so sorry for the lack of usual formatting, detail and the general briefness. The snow storm has passed and I’m off to explore the city I didn’t see so much of last time! 

TTFN, much love, 

Kimi xx


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