4 months on…

Poppets, lovelies and dear ones,

So despite having written up the rest of April, I haven’t sorted photos…fear not- everything else  from May is safely in my journal so the catch ups will come- from Hrísey! But as I find myself on the last day of my residency in the east reflecting on my time it feels important to write something down about the now. 

I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed- it feels like a few days ago that I stepped off the plane and had my first (slightly chaotic and traumatic!) experiences in Reykjavik. On my journey across the country I negotiated situations completely independently, really for the first time in my life. I arrived in the country inexperienced in travel and being away from family. It is an understatement to say, it was an adjustment! 

What I have gained through my first months is Iceland and in particular by being at the Fish Factory is a new found confidence in my ability to deal with things. I have found myself in numerous pickles (some of which you’re yet to hear about!) and I have not only survived them- but have felt stronger for it. I have also rediscovered my creativity and a new passion for the work I am making.

I have found family and a home in this funny little fjord. And have experienced so much love from the team and the community. Ultimately this place, and the people have changed the course of my life and have led to my decision to continue on the adventure in Iceland. I have every intention of returning to Stöðvarfjörður soon- and not just because I’m leaving my winter boots here! 

I have lived with 22 others artists and volunteers. I’ve had hard times and been horribly homesick- but they’ve been outweighed by the fun and happiness. The transience of the community has been challenging but has ultimately led to wonderful friendships and progressions in my work I did not expect. So I’d like to thank each and every one of the residents (and my wonderful visitors from home) for sharing the experience. 

I have been so lucky to find such a special place and I will miss it terribly. Especially Jonathan- I definitely do not feel ready to say goodbye to my wonderful German brother. Thanks for all the dessert (!) bread and spaetzle 😊 and just for being you. I go now, but I see you soon. Yeah really. 

I can’t put in to words the gratitude I feel for all the love and support I’ve had- not only here in Iceland but from home too. As I pack up (with a fair amount of anxiety!) and set off north on the next leg of the adventure I can only say thank you. 

With happy tears and much love! TTFN from Stöðvarfjörður. 




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