TTFN Iceland! 

Poppets, lovelies and dear ones,

Well here we are- about to board my flight on my final morning in Iceland- the end of chapter one.

I have been lucky enough to spend the weekend in my new home in Reykjavik. I have had some time getting to know my new housemates and discovered a mutual love of crumpets- so we are going to get on just fine! I had a loveky catch up on Friday, not only with Sue who’d I’d been on Hrísey with, but Susan from March at the Factory. We had a delicious  dinner together at Cuckoo’s Nest and a late night stroll through the downtown. A night out with my two dear Sue’s! And I will have the chance to catch up with them both in London before I come back which will be strange and wonderfully out of context. I had coffee with beautiful Brynja- my teacher and my first Icelandic friend, the person who helped me learn the basics- in negotiating the country and a little of the language. I have had some time just getting to know Reykjavik better- exploring the vintage shops, and the flea market. I had one last hotdog. And picked up my summer reading!


I am now ready to head home and can’t wait to see my family and friends. I am giddy with excited for coriander and cheddar cheese.  But terrified about how I am going to negotiate London having lived on an island with mostly tractors and birds! I have become accustomed to personal space, and warm greetings. I think night time will come as a shock not having seen it properly since the end of April. I think I will find it too hot having got used to Icelandic summer- I am still wearing 2 layers (at least) most days. The time feels long and short and like everything has changed, and  nothing. I think I am more confident, more capable, and happier.

Five months- from London to Reykjavik to Stöðvarfjördur to Hrísey to Akureyri and back to Reykjavik- next stop London and Hertfordshire. To my friends old and new all over the world- thank you. Here’s to chapter 2.

Much love and TTFN Iceland- I’ll be seeing you soon.

Kimi xxx


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